student projects

Student Projects

I am very happy to supervise BSc / MSc student projects if they relate to my research interests.

For instance, I would be quite keen to supervise student projects focusing on applying AI techniques in the open source ‘SUMO’ traffic simulator ( Examples of such projects would be:

  • Online Scheduling for Urban Traffic Light Control
  • Reinforcement Learning for large-scale Urban Traffic Light Control
  • Assessing the Impact of Improved Sensing for RL-Based Urban Traffic Light Control

Such projects would require good coding skills and a descent background in reinforcement learning or MDPs.

Another topic of interest would be:

  • Game-theoretic Training of Adversarial Neural Networks

where we would investigate possible extensions of the GANGs formalism.

If you are interested, or have your own ideas for a project relating to reinforcement learning, multiagent learning, or adversarial learning, please contact me.