Below you will find vacancies in my research group.

Other than those listed below,

I have no other vacancies

If you are interested to work with me, please follow me on twitter or keep track of this website. Please do not email me; I am afraid I cannot respond to these requests.

3-year postdoc

I am looking for a 3-year postdoc to work on “(Meta-)Learning to Give Feedback in Interactive Learning”.

deadline: January 8th.

This is a position inside the Hybrid Intelligence project which will be recruiting 15 PhD or postdoc positions in total. For more information on the project see

The postdoc that we are looking for for this sub-project wants to push machine learning beyond traditional settings that assume a fixed dataset. Specifically, in this project we will investigate interactive learning settings in which two or more learners interact by giving each other feedback to reach an outcome that is desirable from a system designers perspective. The goal is to better understand how to structure interactions to effectively progress to the desirable outcome state, and to develop practical learning techniques and algorithms that exploit these generated insights.

More information here.

Student Projects

I am happy to supervise master projects for current TU Delft students, please look here.


I am afraid that I cannot offer internships. Please do not email me requesting internships; I am afraid I cannot respond to these requests.