events, seminars, etc.

Delft is an active place, and we try to contribute towards organizing interesting meetings, seminars and workshops. This page contains some pointers to such events organized and/or regularly by members of my research team.

Regular events

Workshops, symposia, etc.

Invited Talks

2020.08.21Elvin IsufiTBA
2020.07.02Maximilian IglNon-stationarity and Generalization in Reinforcement Learning

Friday ILDM Hangout

Every week we have a meeting where we catch up, and talk about an interesting paper or some of our own work.

Time: every Friday 13:45-14:45


DateMain PresenterMSc PresenterLocation
2020.07.10Wook LeeZoom
2020.06.26Miguel Suau: Implicit Neural Representations with Periodic Activation FunctionsZoom
2020.06.19Jinke He: Influence-Augmented Online Planning for Complex EnvironmentsZoom
2020.02.21Rolf Starre
paper: Unifying Count-Based Exploration and Intrinsic Motivation
5.C960 Ritchie
2020.02.14Aleksander CzechowskiAlex Mandersloot5.C960 Ritchie
2020.02.07Jinke HeKees Fani5.C960 Ritchie
2020.01.31Alex MeyNele Albers5.C960 Ritchie
2020.01.24Miguel Suau5.C960 Ritchie
2020.01.10Zifu WangAlex Mandersloot5.C960 Ritchie
2019.12.27Frans OliehoekKees Fani5.C960 Ritchie
2019.12.06Wook LeeLourens Pool5.C960 Ritchie
2019.11.29Miguel SuauAlex Mandersloot5.C960 Ritchie
2019.11.15Jing xuNele Albers5.C960 Ritchie
2019.11.01Rolf StarreKees Fani5.C960 Ritchie
2019.10.11Frans OliehoekLourens Pool5.C960 Ritchie
2019.10.04 (13:00-13:55)Elena Congeduti
paper: Performance Loss Bounds for Approximate Value Iteration with State Aggregation
Alex Mandersloot5.C960 Ritchie
2019.09.27Aleksander Czechowski
paper: α-Rank: Multi-Agent Evaluation by Evolution
5.C960 Ritchie