events, seminars, etc.

Delft is an active place, and we try to contribute towards organizing interesting meetings, seminars and workshops. This page contains some pointers to such events organized and/or regularly by members of my research team.

Regular events

Workshops, symposia, etc.

Friday ILDM Hangout

Every week we have a meeting where we catch up, and talk about an interesting paper or some of our own work.

Time: every Friday 13:45-14:45


DateMain PresenterMSc PresenterLocation
2019.09.27Aleksander Czechowski
paper: α-Rank: Multi-Agent Evaluation by Evolution
5.C960 Ritchie
2019.10.04 (13:00-13:55)Elena Congeduti
paper: Performance Loss Bounds for Approximate Value Iteration with State Aggregation
Alex Mandersloot5.C960 Ritchie
2019.10.11TBALourens Pool5.C960 Ritchie
2019.11.01Rolf StarreKees Fani5.C960 Ritchie
2019.11.15Jing xuNele Albers5.C960 Ritchie