TransitionModelDiscrete Class Referenceabstract

TransitionModelDiscrete represents a discrete transition model. More...

#include <TransitionModelDiscrete.h>

Inheritance diagram for TransitionModelDiscrete:

Public Member Functions

virtual TransitionModelDiscreteClone () const =0
 Returns a pointer to a copy of this class. More...
Index SampleSuccessorState (Index sI, Index jaI)
 Sample a successor state. More...
std::string SoftPrint () const
 SoftPrints tabular transition model. More...
 TransitionModelDiscrete (int nrS=1, int nrJA=1)
 Constructor with the dimensions of the transition model. More...
virtual ~TransitionModelDiscrete ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TransitionModelDiscreteInterface
virtual double Get (Index sI, Index jaI, Index sucSI) const =0
 Returns P(s'|s,ja). More...
virtual void Set (Index sI, Index jaI, Index sucSI, double prob)=0
 Sets P(s'|s,ja) More...
 TransitionModelDiscreteInterface ()
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~TransitionModelDiscreteInterface ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TransitionModel
void Print () const
 TransitionModel ()
 default Constructor More...
virtual ~TransitionModel ()
 Destructor. More...

Private Attributes

int _m_nrJointActions
 The number of joint actions. More...
int _m_nrStates
 The number of states. More...

Detailed Description

TransitionModelDiscrete represents a discrete transition model.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TransitionModelDiscrete::TransitionModelDiscrete ( int  nrS = 1,
int  nrJA = 1 

Constructor with the dimensions of the transition model.

TransitionModelDiscrete::~TransitionModelDiscrete ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual TransitionModelDiscrete* TransitionModelDiscrete::Clone ( ) const
pure virtual
Index TransitionModelDiscrete::SampleSuccessorState ( Index  sI,
Index  jaI 
string TransitionModelDiscrete::SoftPrint ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

int TransitionModelDiscrete::_m_nrJointActions

The number of joint actions.

Referenced by SoftPrint().

int TransitionModelDiscrete::_m_nrStates

The number of states.

Referenced by SampleSuccessorState(), and SoftPrint().