This page posts various vacancies that I have available.

I am very happy to respond to informal requests from people with relevant experience.

Postdoc in Deep Learning & Simulation-based Planning

I am pleased to announce that the Department of Computer Science of the University of Liverpool can offer a position for a Postdoctoral Research Associate. The post is part of an EPSRC-funded research project, "Learning to Efficiently Plan in Flexible Distributed Organisations", and involves a collaboration with Northeastern University.

This project is situated in the intersection of machine learning, multiagent systems and high-performance computing. It aims to develop new algorithms for decision making based on a combination of deep learning and simulation-based planning, such as Monte Carlo tree search.

The ideal candidate has:

  • A PhD in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Mathematics or related discipline
  • Experience with reinforcement learning techniques (and ideally Monte Carlo tree search)
  • Experience with deep learning
  • Very strong programmings skills and experience with C/C++
  • An excellent research track record

The full job description can be found [here].