COMP219 - Artificial Intelligence


Dr. Frans A. Oliehoek
Room 222, Ashton Building


Joe Collenette -
Gregory Palmer -
Pavithra Rajendran -


In general, these are the times: There is a revision lecture scheduled for Wednesday 10th Jan (10am in CHAD-CHAD).

Class Tests

There will be two class tests.

The class test will take 1h.

Location of class test 2

The 2nd class tests is split over two venues, depending on what letter your last name starts with you should report to one of these:


Reading Lists and Learning Resources

The following AI textbook is highly recommended:

(It is frequently, and with reason, referred to as the bible of AI). Other options are:

For the prolog part, I recommend:

This is a really well-written book. Another options is:

In addition to these books, the lecture notes below, give a complete overview of the treated topics.

Lecture Notes 2016

Note: Lectures will cover the following topics:

Lecture Notes 2017

This year's slides:


NOTE: the schedule for the labs is still subject to change!

Labs will start in Week 3, and will end after Week 6. You will be assigned one of the following three lab sessions. Please check your timetable to know when/where your lab is.

The exercises to be carried out during the lab sessions (one in each week):

In order to download the .pl files, please right-click and select 'save link as'. Alternatively, you can download all lab resources in a [zip file].