About me

Currently, I am Veni researcher at the University of Amsterdam, and Lecturer at the University of Liverpool. Before, I was assistant professor at Maastricht University, where I also did a postdoc working with Karl Tuyls and Gerhard Weiss. I also did a postdoc in the learning and intelligent systems group (LIS) at MIT, where I worked with Leslie Kaelbling. I obtained my PhD from the University of Amsterdam under guidance of Nikos Vlassis and Frans Groen.

I try to generate fundamental knowledge about algorithms and models for complex tasks. In addition, I think about how such abstract models might be applied to challenging real-world tasks such as collaboration in multi-robot systems, optimization of traffic control systems, intelligent e-commerce agents, etc.

Research interests

My main interests lie in the field of decision making under uncertainty and multiagents systems. I have great interest in related fields such as planning, reinforcement learning, optimization, machine learning, graphical models, probabilistic inference and game theory.

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